Avcon Jet Africa was established at Grand Central Airport in 2013, focusing on our extreme professionalism and corporate culture. We at Avcon Jet Africa are proud to be part of the Avcon Jet Group, which allows us to serve not only the national markets, but also the international market, bringing in even more diverse and higher levels of experience.



Start your exciting career in aviation by taking the first step, by doing your Private Pilot’s License (PPL). This license allows you to fly any aircraft you are rated on, with passengers, but limited to Visual flight rules (VFR) only. A lot of pilots say that this process is the most exciting part of anyone’s flying career, which is definitely correct. Learn more about how to get your wings and join us in the skies.



Build your career further by starting your training towards that third strip on your shoulder. You can either do a single or multi engine commercial licence, which will set you up to start working in one of the most exciting and growing industries. This training includes your conversion onto complex aircraft which has retractable gear & variable pitch propellers. It also includes 40 hours of instrument flying which allows you to fly in Instrument Metreology Conditions.



For you to get to that third stripe you will need to do hour building up to a total of 100 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC). There is no better wat then to take an aircraft and explore Southern Africa by flying and seeing some views 90% of people never see. We offer great block rates from 20 hours and up, allowing you to save some while doing what you love. This can be done with one of our experience instructors or all alone as pilot in command.