The ground school is about a six to eight hour course that is completed over three days here at the school. It covers everything with regards to the Aircraft Technical and General and also its amazing features. The jump from piston to turbine is not difficult, although it may seem slightly overwhelming at first. After you have completed working though the POH of the aircraft and the ground school, you are ready to take the theoretical test to go to the next stage of your training.


There are eight hours to complete in the simulator here at our school. You will apply your knowledge of the multi-engine environment to the sessions as well as the new turbine knowledge. We cover the necessary IFR training as well to teach you the new relationship between turbine procedures and IFR flying. When you are ready, our instructor will fly with you in the aircraft to do the necessary flight training in the circuits and general flying area.


Get yourself rated on the King Air!

After completing the course, we will let you be a co-pilot on a charter experience to learn more about the charter environment! This is a really fantastic way to not only learn more about this wonderful aircraft, but also to learn more about the other side of aviation too like logistics, transfers, planning and being a little bit of a tour guide too! In-flight on Part 135 operations you are also required to log a lot of information like ETA’s, Fuel Usage, Endurance and much more. The King Air Conversion with Avcon is the way to do it!