This license unfortunately does not only require flight time but also required you to write and pass 8 written exams before you can test for the license. These exams may be written in house at our offices which makes the ease of booking much easier. All subjects are computer based multiple choice questions, which can either be studied for by self-study or by joining one of our excellent top-class ground schools.

The exams are based on the following subjects:


Aircraft General

General Navigation

Human performance

Air Law

Flight Performance & Planning

Principles of flight

Restricted Radio

The Pass rate for all exams are 75%


Your training will be done on our fleet of C172, building both dual and solo hours. For you to be able to qualify for your test, you will need to meet the minimum requirements below as stated by the Civil Aviation Authority. Each student is different thus all training is dependent on the competency of the student.

Hour Requirements:

25 Hours Dual (With an instructor)

15 Hours Solo of which 5 hours must be cross country


The Course

During your training you will have ground briefings to discuss all the various aspects of the course from aerodynamics, taxying, circuits and landing, stalling, navigation and much more. Before every flight there is also a short ground briefing. The training flights are normally about one hour with the navigation flights up to two and a half hours. Your instructor will guide you through the whole process and you will be signed out by him/her when you are ready to test!

The School & Aircraft

Located in Midrand at Grand Central Airport, we are in the Johannesburg Special Rules Area. Being a busy airspace and having a controlled airfield really teaches the student a lot and is a great training environment. The aircraft you do your PPL training on is a Cessna 172, an internationally renowned training aircraft. We are very proud to have the G1000 Avionics fitted on one of our modern 172’s.