As with your PPL you will need to write 10 written exams. These exams may only be written at the Civil Aviation Authorities exam center based at their Midrand offices. These are also computer based. You can either do it by self-studying or by joining one of our exceptional ground schools based at our offices.

These exams are the following:

Human Performance




Navigation & Plotting

Radio Aids

Aircraft Technical & General

Flight Planning

Aircraft Technical & General

Instrument procedure

General Radio


To obtain your CPL you will need to have done your night rating and accumulated a total of 200 Hours. Below is a breakdown of the flight time that will be done:

100 hrs PIC which must be

  • 20hrs Cross Country if doing a VFR/CPL or
  • 50hrs Cross country if doing an IF/CPL

40hrs IF Training of which can be

  • 20hrs in sim &
  • 20hrs in aircraft


The Course

This course contains some briefings about all the procedures and instruments used in flying in IMC. With this, you will also execute these procedures in an approved FSTD device and in one of our IF rated aircrafts. You will also do an IF Nav which we call a LOFT flight, using all the knowledge you learned to navigate and find your way.

Useful Tips

Do a Multi Engine CPL as it will cost less in the long run.

IF CPL is much more valuable than a VFR CPL.

Get the theory out of the way as soon as you can.

Attend our regular ground school sessions.

Fly some of your solo hours at night.

Buy a home simulator like X-Plane for practice.