There is a basic written test can can be completed at our flight school that is one of the requirements of the night rating. The test involves human performance, some basic instrument flight aspects as well as basic Air Law. The pass mark for this test is 75%. We will guide you and provide you with the information needed to complete the test successfully.


To qualify for a night rating you need to complete 10 hours Dual Training with an instructor. You may complete five of these hours on our approved flight simulator. The ten hours dual training includes:

At least five take-offs and landings at night.

A night navigation of at least 100nm and 50nm radius.

Landings at controlled and uncontrolled aerodromes.

The theory and practical flight test.


The Course

There is some basic IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) training with the night rating. In the simulator you will learn about maintaining straight end level flight and turning with more reference to the instruments of the aircraft as the horizon is somewhat less visible. It will boost your confidence in flying and also be very beneficial to your flying skills. Your instructor will also expand on the five hours you completed in your PPL training. You’ll learn more about intercepting VOR Radials and navigating with the use of the ADF. It is a great introduction towards your IF training.