There are ground briefings and air briefings that teaches you all the necessary theory regarding the aircraft and the legislation around planning. There are also very important performance data that is crucial to the pilot when it comes to planning. Our dedicated instructors will make sure that you get enough practice and experience to get yourself ready for the multi-engine environment.


For the IFR Multi Engine rating you are required to have a very sound understanding of the regulations and procedures involved. To be able to navigate and comply with aviation procedures not only requires goof pilot skill and technique, it also requires good knowledge of the legislation and referencing the AIP’s, CAT’s, CAR’s and Air Law. In the 10 hours involved in your training we’ll cover the theory in detail and put it into practice for you to be 100%.


The Course

Some of your training is done in the simulator. Here you will be able to practice and hone your skills to follow all the procedures when it comes to multi-engine flying. These include the power-up procedures in the unlikely event of an engine failure, flying the approaches and procedures according to the published charts on one engine and also preparing for each flight with the correct planning. There are also some interesting changes with regards to the radio work for IF departures, en-route as well as joining and landing. Our course covers everything!