Flight Crew Competency is the most important aspect of being a pilot. Did you know, to be current and competent on a instrument rating you need to have done two take-offs and landings in actual IMC conditions on either the aircraft or a FSTD? These do not have to be done with a DFE but have to be logged before you can actually take passengers on such a flight. The same rules apply for the night rating. Let us assist you with your currency with our Gr II instructors to give you the edge in your flying and confidence.


Our comfortable lecture rooms are used for preparation of every test or refresher courses. You are welcome to do any of our refresher courses individually or in group format or to use our facilities with the AIP’s, CAT’s, CAR’s and performance data sheets to make sure you are fully prepared for you check ride in our FSTD. You will be 100% prepared for your next check ride, both in the aircraft and on the ground.


The Refresher Course

We offer a two hour course for pilots to refresh their skills and knowledge with regards to IFR or Night Rating currency. The course consist of one hour in the briefing room and on hour in the simulator. The briefing will cover the necessary analysis of a typical IFR departure, En-route and IFR approach plates. You will also be presented with a scenario to examine and see if and how the attempted flight comply legally and in accordance to the aircraft performance data.